Climb To Glory


Combined Task Force Wolverine scouts conducting combat security and overwatch of key lines of communications as a combat logistics patrol moves through the valley below. Partnered with the Afghan National Army as well as Afghan Uniformed Police, CTF Wolverine also worked closely with US Special Forces ODA teams who advised Afghan Special Squad Guardians and Afghan Local Police. Here, an overwatch element spots enemy movement attempting to set IEDs against the US convoy. Using all advisory elements to identify targets, CTF Wolverine mortarmen fire a mission with their Afghan brothers to kill enemy personnel and ensure safe passage for another retrograde convoy.

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Climb to Glory
During Operation Enduring Freedom XIII, beginning in January and ending in October of 2013, Combined Task Force Wolverine was tasked with serving as the primary advisor to the Afghan National Army within Western Paktika Province, maintaining security through partnership and offensive actions against an aggressive enemy, and facilitating the eventual closure/ transfer to their Afghan Partners of two Forward Operating Bases and one Combat Outpost. The Squadron Combined Task Force took control of an area of operations the size of the state of Rhode Island, comprised of river valleys, rocky peaks, vast desert plains and urban areas with a total population of over 350,000 Afghans. They also assumed responsibility as the primary advisors for two of the most active Afghan National Army units operating in Afghanistan at the time.

The 1st Kandak, 2nd Liwa, 203rd Corps Afghan National Army, advised by the men of the Green 1 Security Forces Advisory and Assistance Team, was a lethal, aggressive fighting force that witnessed massive improvements under the advisement of 1-89 Cavalry. Conducting major operations in Dilah wa Kushamond, Jani Khel, Yahya Khel, Zarghun Shar and Omnah Districts, 1/2 Kandak was efficient and effective in their role as peacekeeper within the Province.

The Soldiers of 6th Kandak, 2nd Liwa, 203rd Corps Afghan National Army, advised by the Soldiers of the Green 6 Security Forces Advisory and Assistance Team, were strong and capable in their fight to secure the main supply routes from Eastern Paktika and Pakistan, stopping the flow of foreign fighters, weapons and explosives from reaching their destinations in Ghazni, Kabul and the heart of Afghanistan. 6th Kandak’s growing pains, as they transitioned from route security to the vital role of securing the major east-west travel ways within the The burden of the 1st Squadron of the 89th Cavalry Regiment was shared through the partnership with other Coalition Forces. The assistance and support provided by the US Special Forces; Task Force Paktika, brought a province were well worth the effort, for the role that they played in defending their homeland.

Fresh outlook to the fight, and AOB 1320, ODA 1321, ODA 1416, AOB 1430, ODA 1436, and ODA 1432 coordination and partnership with the Afghan Uniformed Police and Afghan Local Police Programs ensured multiple levels of security throughout the Province.

The Troopers of the 1st Squadron of the 89th Cavalry Regiment conducted themselves with the utmost professionalism and valor as they out-planned and out-maneuvered their enemies throughout their deployment. The tireless advisors to the Afghan National Security Forces worked to bring their partners to a level where they were able to stand alone and unafraid against a hostile enemy force, bent on driving them from their foothold in the contentious areas of Western Paktika Province in Eastern Afghanistan.

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