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Bonne Chance
Bonne Chance

Image Size: 30 1/4" x 15 1/4"
550 Public Edition (Limited Edition, Signed and Numbered)

WWI aviators leaving for mission

While great land armies endured the agony of trench warfare in the blood-soaked soil that was France during the Great War, an altogether different kind of combat was born in the skies far above the battlefield.

Each day at the first light of dawn, a small brotherhood of men, dressed in armor of leather and fur, shed the bonds of Earth to do battle with their adversaries among the clouds.

What kind of men were these? Could they perhaps, be the direct descendants of knights of old?

The values expressed in the mythology that surrounds the aviators of the First World War, are but reflections of our own. It is a message of confident individualism that inspires us, suggesting that we too, can occasionally win at this game we call Life.

In his aptly titled Bonne Chance, artist Jim Dietz shows a group of young pilots of the British Royal Flying Corps as they prepare to go out to meet the hated Hun. Their lodgings are, behind the lines, at a rustic French farmhouse, where they share their billets with a delightful assortment of animals and of course, a pretty French maiden.

Dietz' painting is a truly wonderful expression of the romanticism associated with the early aviators of WW I. Moreover, this limited edition print of Bonne Chance is probably one of the most entertaining art images you will ever encounter.

Price: SOLD OUT!

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