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Hold to the Last Round - Miniatures - Set 1


The gallant defense of Hosingen, which is depicted in this set of six figures, like the action at the other strong points of the 28th Division, sacrificed men for time.
Price: $144.00

Hold to the Last RoundMiniatures - Set 2


This is the second part of the Hold to the Last Round limited edition series.
Price: $109.00

Knights in Canvas


For many years award-winning artist James Dietz has been one of the most esteemed painters of WWI aviation. Now enjoy his striking aviation art collected in one volume! Lavishly illustrat...
Price: SOLD OUT!

Portraits of Combat


The World War II Art of James Dietz is a magnificently illustrated, 144 page volume specializing in the most compelling land, sea, and air confrontations of World War II.
Price: $29.95

Seize The Day - Miniatures - Set 1


Each member of this limited edition, five piece set is appropriately armed with rifles and machine guns; dressed in green and brown camouflage, rugged combat boots and helmets just as they a...
Price: $110.00

Seize the Day - Miniatures - Set 2


This second set of Seize the Day miniatures includes the wagon and three 82nd airborne troopers. Decorated with insignia and rifles this set is designed just as it appears in the painting.
Price: $64.00

Strike Attack - Miniatures - Set 1


This set of 9 limited edition figures depicts the heroic bayonet charge of LTC Robert G. Cole and the remnants of his battalion on the bridge leading to Carentan.
Price: $109.00

Strike Attack - Miniatures - Set 2


This set of the Strike Attack miniatures includes three figures with highly detailed uniforms, weapons and field gear.
Price: $59.00

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