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At The Cutting Edge Of Battle


In the early morning hours of 25 June 1950, 90,000 North Korean Troops crossed the 38th parallel and began the invasion of South Korea.
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Chosin Fires


This epic conflict, characterized by misery, cold, exhaustion, and sacrifice, portrays an epic 17-day struggle between primarily U.S. and Chinese Communist Forces.
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First Victory


"We are going to stay here and fight it out." With these words, LTC Paul Freeman, Commander of the 23rd Regimental Combat Team, set the stage for the bloody battle of Chipyong-ni.
Price: SOLD OUT!

Let Valor Not Fail


As the Eighth Army in Korea advanced toward the 38th parallel in Operation RIPPER, General Ridgway looked ahead to the enemy supply & communications center of Chunchon.
Price: $150.00

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