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In Truth Lies Victory
In Truth Lies Victory

Image Size: 25 x 12 ½
Overall Size: 31 x 19

250 Publisher Proof Edition
100 Artist Proof Edition

In Truth Lies Victory

Intelligence professionals second to none, the “Always Ready” Brigade has left its footprint on the path of American History since the formation of the 137th Signal Radio Intelligence Company just months after the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor. The 504th Military Intelligence Brigade has remained a resounding clarity in the fog of war in every major U.S. conflict from the Cold War to Vietnam and Operation DESERT STORM. The unit’s mission remains constant: to find, know, and never lose the enemy, yet the tools to accomplish this task are versatile as are the many adversaries the 504th has defeated. From the eye-in-the-sky of the 15th Aerial Exploitation Battalion to the Multi-Function Platoons of the 163rd and 303rd Military Intelligence Battalions, the Brigade has sought intelligence with a sense of urgency and tenacity on every front.

The painting depicts this rich history through the graphic illustration of three major conflicts the 504th Military Intelligence Brigade fought in: World War II, Operation FREEDOM’s SENTINEL, and the Vietnam War. On the left, the 137th Signal Radio Intelligence Company can be seen intercepting German radio transmissions as they did in the battles of the Rhineland and the Ardennes. On the right is a glimpse into the 303rd Military Intelligence Battalion’s collection efforts in the Tet Counteroffensive in Vietnam. In the center, the 504th Military Intelligence Brigade’s current mission as the synergy of aerial and ground intelligence, framed by the Hindu Kush Mountains of Afghanistan, represents the unit’s continued fight for enduring freedom in the Middle East.

With a focus on the future, it is certain that the Soldiers of this great organization are prepared for anything that comes their way. Knowledge is power. First to know. Always Ready.

Price: $175.00

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