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Far From Home
Far From Home

Print Size: 31 x 19

100 Gallery Edition
100 Artist Proof Edition

Far From Home
June 6, 1944 - Normandy

Sunrise on D-Day was full of revelation. For most paratroopers, this was the farthest they’d been from home. And here was the enemy. Among these German POWs, Pvt. Don Malarkey meets a sergeant who had lived in Portland, Oregon. And Don was from Astoria, 70 miles away. And they had even worked across the street from one another. Don’s comrades keep their distance, pondering the enemy they had traveled so far to fight. A shout will soon summon Don: "Malark, let’s go!" This German’s war is over—for everyone else, fierce fighting lays ahead. Don would then utter the strangest words between enemies on D-Day: "You take care."


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