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Afrika Korps Edition 2 Print Set
Afrika Korps Edition 2 Print Set

Rommel - The Desert Fox
Image Size: 30 9/16" x 14 1/2"

Der Generalfeldmarschall
Image Size: 17 5/8" x 12"

150 Public Edition (Limited Edition, Signed and Numbered)

In the two images of the Afrika Korps Edition, James Dietz portrays Generalfeldmarschall Erwin Rommel as both his opponents and vaunted Afrika Korps knew him. It made no matter is he was facing the Americans as Kasserine or the British at Tobruk, the Halfaya Pass or, ultimately, El Alamein. Rommel led from the front. He is depicted at the head of one of his armored columns looking for the vulnerability that might provide an opportunity for lighting maneuver and victory. We see him in harms way, surrounded by the men whose hardships and dangers he willingly shared. His soldiers look to him with the love, respect, and confidence that battle-tested veterans reserve for the great warriors, and they wait for his word to once again hurl the panzers of the Afrika Korp across the desert.

The moment is catpured - the great commander assessing the panorama of the battle before him; his soldiers anticipating the command that will send them forward; the machines that will work the will of commander and soldier. And above all, the element that was so unforgiving of both man and machine - the barren desert of North Africa.

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